Frequently asked questions

At Blue Grill Foods we are always mindful of our patrons and their questions and concerns.

Here you will find answers to commonly asked questions.


Do the dressings need to be refrigerated?
All of our Dressings and Marinades have a shelf life of one year, but once opened all of our products must be refrigerated.
Do you have some recipes for using your garlic sauce or the chicken shawarma marinade?
We've just started rebuilding our website, but we will be adding recipes frequently when we are able to push our blog live.
I bought the garlic sauce and chicken shawarma marinade, what else should I put in my sandwiches?
Thank you for buying and trying.  Chicken Shawarma typically is made with the marinated chicken, middle eastern pickles, turnips,tomatoes and garlic sauce.  depending on your preferences you can add just about anything to it. If you enjoy spice, try the Chipotle Garlick Sauce, or fresh (or pickled) jalapenos. If someone at dinner doesn't like garlic, try using Hummus and a sprinkle of Feta cheese.